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Early Harvest Olive Oil 

✔ Boosted antioxidants

✔ Ultra-low acidity 

✔ Crisper taste over traditional Olive Oil

✔ Accompanied with Olive Paste & Honey

✔ Exclusive bundle pricing

Why early harvest Olive Oil?

 This unfiltered reserve is produced in the month prior to the start of the traditional Olive Harvest. The unripe, early harvest fruits produce a Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Ultra-Low Acidity, high antioxidants and polyphenols, and a crisp bitterness that brings out the full flavour in any dish.

Accompanying The Olive Oil



How It's Made: Witch rich flora and high fluctuations in altitude, Naxos is an ideal location for honey bees. The majority of honey is Greek Naxian Thyme Honey, as wellas heather and spring flower varieties. 

Why We Love It: Distinct taste and unique growing environment.


Olive Paste

How It's Made: Our Olive Paste is created using the post pressed olives that are used to create our very Olive Oil. This allows us to pair seasonal Olive Paste with the relevant season of Olive Oil, making a great complementary option.
Why We Love It: Great texture and flavour from olives only found on Naxos.


Obsessed with Taste

We've become obsessed with harnessing the unique tastes of Naxos, from Cycladi oil to produce from local farmers.

We are very proud to display our product's recognition at multiple food competitions around the globe.

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