Thyme Honey

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✔ Hand-harvested Honey from the island of Naxos
 Added Thyme for an enhanced taste and Greek tradition
✔ Extra sweet and delicious 
✔ Unique flavour due to special Naxian flowers
✔ As always, 100% natural and pure with no additives

Beelicious Naxos Honey with Traditional Thyme

  As always, all our products are sourced from local farmers on the Island of Naxos. Our honey is from a small beekeeper who hand raises the bees and hives to ensure perfect flavour development and quality (You can see the small hives in the photos).
The unique flavour of Naxian Honey comes from the unique flowers and vegetation found on the island due to its ideal microclimate. 
250g of runny honey directly imported to the UK from Naxos.


Obsessed with Taste

We've become obsessed with harnessing the unique tastes of Naxos, from Cycladi oil to produce from local farmers.

We are very proud to display our product's recognition at multiple food competitions around the globe.

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