Bring the taste of Naxos to your table

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Our Salt

Cycladi Salt is an unrefined, all natural sea salt. Handmade from the region of Keros,  Greece.  The sea salt is harvested from rocky salt ponds of the surrounding islands, an extremely pure and un polluted area of the Agean Sea. 

With its velvet flavour and moisture texture, it will work miracles as finishing salt on meat, salads, potatoes, eggs, vegetables and much more.  

Our Cheese

All of our products are sourced on the island of Naxos and our cheese is no exception. A local family run business provides a vast selection of world class speciality cheeses. In this hamper we are offering you the chance to pick between two cheeses.

Graviera- A Naxos exclusive that is loved across all of Greece. Graviera Greek cheese is slightly sweet and nutty. The Cretan version has a burnt caramel flavour. Young graviera cheese tastes sweet and fruity

Komos -  This cheese is a unique traditional cheese of Naxos. It takes its name  from Komati, meaning one piece in Greek. Being a mild cheese, additional herbs, and natural flavourings are added to bring the cheese to life. 

Our Honey

Due to its rich flora and high fluctuations in altitude, Naxos is ideal for the production of honey. The majority of  honey produced on the island of Naxos is Greek Naxian Thyme Honey. The remainder is made up of heather and spring flower varieties. 

Naxos Honey is sort over all around the word due to its unique taste and growing environment. 

Cycladi Honey is one of our best sellers due to its scarcity and extremely quality. 

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Our Olive Oil

Cycladi | Welcome To Naxos

How Will You Love Yours?

Drizzled over a feta cheese salad with tomato and cucumber? Splashed over warm pittas with tzatziki? Maybe swirled into homemade red pepper hummus?

Cycladi extra virgin olive oil is 100% pure which means there's no bitter after taste to spoil your meal, so no matter how you decide to eat it, it'll be delicious.

Cycladi olive oil is made from freshly harvested olives from Naxos, Greece that are packed with flavour and healthy nutrients. ​

Unlike the rest, when we say our bottles are filled with nothing but 100% pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we mean it. ​

At Cycladi, we make it our responsibility to choose young Koroneiki olives, grown on the island of Naxos, that are cold-pressed to preserve their unique flavour without relying on any chemicals or artificial additives in the process to bring you an extra virgin olive oil that will keep you coming back for more.

100% Pure Olive Oil.

Our extra virgin olive oil does not contain any GMOs, sugar, sodium, additives, fillers, preservatives or any other harmful or artificial ingredients.

Unfiltered olive oil is packed with antioxidants: polyphenols, phytosterols, and vitamin E that help provide your body with some extra care.

Pure virgin olive oil can help promote soft, smoother skin and stronger hair as well as having a wide variety of benefits for the body.

How Cycladi Olive Oil Is Made


Grown in Naxos

  • Cycladi olives are a family run business, operating exclusively on the island of Naxos.
  • Our olives are Koroneiki olives, meaning they are perfect for making olive oil.
  • The island is special for its micro climate properties in comparison to the mainland of Greece. This gives the olive oil a unique taste that can't be found anywhere else.


Hand Picked

  • All of our olives are hand picked and processed.
  • We use traditional techniques that don't harm the environment or nesting birds, which is a common issue among scaled farming.


Hand Processed

  • The olives are all processed and bottled on the Island of Naxos.
  • No Importing/Exporting of olives.
  • Family run business means quality is paramount.


Served on your plate

  • Bring the taste of Naxos to your food.
  • Whether you're cooking, grilling or even baking, olive oil gives an additional flavour and depth that everyone can enjoy.
  • Cycladi extra virgin Greece olive oil makes the perfect addition to salad dressings, fish, meat, sauces, pasta, baking, and can even be used to make DIY skincare and hair care.

Recognised Awards

"I'm absolutely blown away by this olive oil! Flavour is amazing and great to cook with! Also drizzle abit of this on to a salad and it's a game changer! Five stars from me! Definitely will be buying more!"

- Tyler