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Naxos, the central island of the Cyclades archipelago, in the middle of the Aegean Sea, within reach of the Caicos Islands of Mykonos, Paros and the famous Santorini, has a long-standing tradition of olive growing, with legend indicting that the first olive tree originated here in the Mediterranean basin

The olive trees and the fruits that grow on this sunny island acquire a particularly delightful flavor and quality because they grow up in this exceptional microclimate of the Cyclades. Where the sun shines for more than two thirds of the year, our olives thrive temperate and humid winters, and dry and hot summers.

In Naxos, the soil quality allows optimal penetration of nutrient-rich sedimentary waters which makes the use of organic fertilizers virtually unnecessary.

The whole island of Naxos is covered with delightful olive trees, but you’ll find a high concentration in the region of Tragea, which is a rich agricultural plain sheltered from strong winds. Throughout the picturesque villages here there are more than 400 000 olive trees on the grounds of Filoti, Damalia and other Damarionas. Spanning 15,000 hectors, these trees are irrigated all year round by the water coming from the neighboring mountains, like Mount Zeus, the highest peak of the Cyclades, and its natural reservoir.

From the experiences of many generations of growers, we at Cycladi Olives have learnt to develop our award winning, single variety extra virgin olive oil. Made exclusively with the exception quality Koroneiki Olive, we can ensure a great vintage arrives on your table from each harvest.

The Cycladi Olives Team works with care to look after the trees throughout the year and utilising long-standing traditional methods to press and produce each bottle of extra virgin olive oil.

When it’s time to harvest the olives, we work long and hard in the Greek sun to carefully pick and sort the olives by hand. This means that we can select the finest olives to be immediately taken to the nearest mill, where the olives are gently washed before they are pressed once, giving the oil a fantastic taste, colour and quality.

The entire island of Naxos has a small number of mills, which allow the immediate processing of these flavorsome olives. All of the mills on Naxos adhere toISO 9000 and Agri -CERT standards, meeting the requirements of the Greek Ministry of Agriculture as well as the European requirements.

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